Your Work Matters To God

Doug Sherman and William Hendricks have written a relevant book that explores the value of secular work as a Christian, answering the question, “Does our secular work matter to God”?

Some Reviews:

Jack Eckerd, founder of Eckerd Drugs says: Your Work Matters to God is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to glorify God in the workplace.

Dr. Jerry White, International President of Navigators says: A Magna Carta of freedom for the ordinary person who wants all of life to count for God.

Dr. Max Anders, St. Pastor of Grace Covenant Church, Austin, TX says: The church will not make an Impact in the next decade unless it makes and impact in the workplace.  Your Work Matters to God lays the foundation for that impact.

Our Sunday School class at Montavilla Baptist Church in Portland, OR has been studying this book for the last month.  What an encouragement to know that not only is it God’s will for us to work but that He has provided our work place to be our ministry as well.  My husband Doug Brown, MDiv has been serving God in his work place for 23 years.  As a Seminary graduate he often felt that he was choosing second best by working in the secular workplace rather than in a Church ministry, yet God has led him to the positions he has held over the years.  He was greatly encouraged through the study of this book and confirmation of the ministry God has placed him into, at his secular job.

As a self employed business woman, I have found the book also to be a resource on how to run my business.  It brings into perspective how I should view work, how God views work and what difference work makes in not only my life but those I work with.


Doug Sherman is the president and founder of Career Impact Ministries.  He speaks at conferences and seminars on the critical issues people face at work.

William Hendricks holds an AB in English from Harvard University and Master Degrees from both Boston University and Dallas Theological Seminary

your work matters




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